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New Nintendo 3DS XL – Pearl White – Asian Version

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New Nintendo 3DS XL system New Nintendo 3DS XL stylus microSDHC memory card (4GB) AR Cards Quick-start Guide Operations Manual/Warranty Card The New Nintendo 3DS and is the newest hardware revision of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming platform. The New 3DS integrates a number of new features and innovations, most notably a new analog control stick, more computing power, two new buttons, Amiibo integration.  New 3DS is available in both standard-sized and XL form factors. Both designs feature revised controls and faster processing. The right analog knob is located above the right-hand face buttons. Because of its placement it appears that users will be expected to rely on shoulder buttons for quick input when utilizing the second stick. In addition to the new controller, the new 3DS incorporates third and fourth back trigger buttons, the ZR and ZL buttons, conveniently located for use with the new analog stick. Nintendo also promises a wider 3D viewing angle than previous DS models, resulting in less image blurring when viewed from ths side. The computing power of the 3DS has also been expanded by new internal hardware. The New 3DS integrates NFC connectivity into the bottom touchscreen, allowing Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines to be placed directly on the display to interact with the software. Amiibo toys are already slated for integration with a variety of Nintendo game products, including Super Smash Brothers.

3DS Animal Crossing New Leaf

  • Create your own happy place – As the mayor, you get to make the big decisions that shape your town.
  • New discoveries await every day – Time passes in Animal Crossing just like it does in the real world, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Decorate your house inside and out – Choose from furniture new and old, carpets, wallpaper, and enhanced design tools to customize your house inside.
  • Is your passion fishing? Fashion? Fossil digging? Gardening? YOU can decide where you spend your time, whether it’s on your own or interacting with the animal townsfolk.

3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

  • Design the interior and exterior of hundreds of homes for animal villagers
  • Leave your decorative touch on the school, hospital and other public facilities
  • Collect and Connect – Collect and share amiibo cards of your favorite villagers, and invite them into your game
  • Tap amiibo cards to invite up to four characters into a room to hang out
  • Tap the amiibo cards of special characters to call in animals that would otherwise not appear in your game with request

Bundle Includes:

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL – Pearl White
  • 3DS Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
  • Amiibo Animal Crossing — 3pcs (Subject to availabity)
  • Animal Crossing Bendable Keychain (random)
  • AC Adapter – 220v
  • Hard Pouch (Color is subject to availabity)

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